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You Can't Manage Travel Safety Without Systems
A Complete Safety Management System For Any Business - Plans, Policy, Procedures and Resources
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Complete Safety Management Suite Includes...
9 Procedures
40+ Resources
Work Health & Safety For Mobile Employees. Travel Safety Management.
Workplace Health & Safety [WHS] legislation, standards and operating procedures are very well established and referenced by 80+ countries*. These terms of reference detailed, prescriptive and comprehensive in ensuring safe work environments for employees and serve as official and practical guides to businesses and their management. 
In order to manage workplace health and safety, a business requires consistent and practical plans, policies and procedures. These same 'safe work systems' also apply to mobile and travelling employees. 
"Smartraveller business travel advice emphasises the importance of travel planning and conducting risk assessments prior to all international travel, regardless of destination." -Australian Government
The process and expertise required to create and maintain compliant and technical safety documentation is simply not achievable for most businesses, so we have researched, built and maintain all the essential documents required for both compliance and the day-to-day operations of your business and management. 

The documents, plans, procedures, resources and templates are consistent with and can be used in seeking compliance for:
  • BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management - British standard
  • AS/NZ 4801 Occupational Health & Safety Management System - Australia and New Zealand standard
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management - International standard for the management of risk
  • ISO 45001 International Standard for Occupational Health & Safety - Upcoming international standard
*International Labour Organization [ILO]
It's Travel Safety...Not Travel Security!
Without a consistent and demonstrable 'safe work system' in place within your business [that includes travel] you expose both your business and travellers to unnecessary risk. 

Get a full travel and safety management system to support your business or compliment your existing procedures and stop chasing 'travel security' products and services which fail to provide travel safety management, as required by a growing number of federal and state laws.
The Difference Between Travel Safety Compliance And Travel Conformity...
Plans - The Guidance To Get Things Done 
In order to successfully design and implement an occupational safety management system, you need a plan. Not just one plan, but numerous plans, specific to each focus area, key management area and compliance item.

 Included are plans and outlines for:
  • Risk Treatment - How to manage and control identified workplace hazards
  • Risk Action - Assigned accountability, steps and pre/post risk ratings specific to identified hazards
  • Training - Who needs to do what, why and when...
  • Emergency Response - A detailed, organised and specific plan for accidents and emergencies
  • And More...
Policies - The Company's Intention 
Employees need to be clear and provided with an official reference in relation to the company's vision, requirements and intentions. This is best communicated in the form of policies. While the format may be simple, the topics and contents can take time and experience in order to write. We have done this for you and your business. 

Included are policies and outlines for:
  • Work Health & Safety - How the company approaches and prioritises employee health and safety
  • Training - Entitlements, standards, frequency and employment required training
  • Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] - Circumstances, standards and requirements for PPE
  • Mobile Phone - The correct and safe use of mobile phones in the workplace, mobile and travelling
  • Subcontractor Management - How non-staff and other on-site workers will be managed
  • Lone Worker - Under what circumstances and how those woking by themselves will be managed
  • And More...
Procedures - The Step-By-Step Guides
While a company may be clear in their intentions and policies, these guidelines are useless unless supported by detailed and specific procedures. Our procedures range from routine administrative processes up to an inclusive of priority/emergency incidents.

Included are procedures and outlines for:
  • Incident & Injury Management - Specific actions and guide for those that have been injured or exposed to an incident
  • Disciplinary - Consistent application of violations, failures and other disciplinary practices
  • Risk Management - For the identification, management, mitigation and reduction of risk in the work environment
  • Emergency - Who does what during and emergency and how resources and stakeholders are to be managed
  • Remote/Isolated Work - For those that are required to conduct work tasks away from others and conventional work areas
  • And More...
Resources - Everything Managers & Employees Need
Effective safety management entails a number of supporting documents, registers and process flows. We have gathered as many of the related and relevant resources required for businesses and management to quickly and efficiently manage their workplace safety obligations.

Included are resources and outlines for:
  • Roles & Responsibility Register - An official account of who is responsible for what within the WHS framework
  • Hazard Reporting - Obligations, criteria and processes for reporting hazards
  • Risk Management Process - How to manage hazards, control measures and risk
  • Pre Start/Tool Box Meetings - Structure and consistency for pre work briefings and safety meetings
  • Introductory Guide - A more detailed overview and guide for those unfamiliar with work safety management processes
  • And More...
Templates - Ready To Use Content
Repeat processes and like actions within business can be formulated and shared via templates. These templates save your business time and bring consistency to your safety management and safe work systems. 

Included are templates, forms & checklists for:
  • Worker Induction Checklist - What areas and subjects are covered as part of worker inductions/orientations
  • Safe Work Method Statement - How to conduct and implement safe work methodologies within the workplace
  • Forms - For all the workplace safety management forms needed within the business
  • Checklists - Comprehensive and detailed safety management checklists for any work environment
  • Reporting Forms - Templates for capturing and reporting key workplace safety events and incidents
  • And More...
Work Health & Safety Includes Travel...
For some 'strange reasons' the common safety management procedures, practices and methodology are often not applied to business travel and mobile employees. 

This results in employees and businesses implementing stand alone, non-compliance management practices that if applied anywhere else within the business they would be considered ludicrous and dangerous. 
Due Diligence
In order for a business or company to demonstrate it's safe work systems, it must conduct and demonstrate a due diligence process. 

Safety management due diligence requires:
  • Knowledge - Of the laws, compliance and safety management requirements
  • Business Relevance - Specific to your business and business operations
  • Resources - Adequate and specific allocation of safety resources
  • Processes - Documented and consistent application of safe work practices
  • Compliance - Routinely and consistently applied within the business
  • Verification - Confirmation and checks to ensure it has taken place
Risk Management
Risk management is a process and has an international standard. If you can't demonstrate this or a superior process, each and every time, you really don't have a risk management 'system. This includes:

  • Communication & Consultation - Engagement with key internal stakeholders
  • Establish Context - Relevance to the business and business activities
  • Risk Identification  - Hazard identification that creates risk exposure
  • Risk Analysis & Evaluation - Understanding and measurement of the risk/s
  • Risk Treatment - Control measures, treatment solutions and management
  • Monitoring & Review - Continuous improvement and updating based on facts
Based on international work safety and risk management standards, your business has the correct start point and the best platform for legal compliance. 
Ready To Use
Access, edit to suit your company and you have a comprehensive safety management system ready to use in no time at all. 
We have thought out the main topics, areas and processes in which you might need in order to provide a safety management system, all contained online.
You could spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on consultants and customisation but we have just the one low fee for it all.
So you, your business or managers/supervisors can access, edit and use all the documentation you need. You can also download them too.
Clear Labels
Set out so you know what each document, topic and application is related to by clear titles and labels for immediate use within your business. 
Often you don't want to open each and every document, rather you just want to have a sneak peek of what it contains or relates to. Do that here too!
Search for and find all the relevant safety management documentation, as/when you need them. Makes is it very easy to index and reference too. 
Common Questions and Answers
What format are the documents?
All the documents are accessible, editable and viewable online in a universal format but they can be downloaded too in a format that most suits you or your business, such as Word, PDF, etc
Why are the documents online?
Because things change, so we keep you updated. Your purchase gives you access to new and updated documents within the suite, so you don't have to do it yourself. It also means that you can access and use the documents from anywhere, and make your own master list/table of contents for use within your business. 
Is this for domestic or international travel?
Both. The process of safety management applies to both domestic and international travel as the workplace and environment is changed or unfamiliar, there is a requirement to actively manage the safety of those working at these new/alternate locations.
Are they just for travel?
No. This set of documents are for 'safe work systems' in any business environment, not just travel. We have customised certain parts of the plans, etc to support travel specifically but they are for physical workplaces and non-mobile work environments too. 
Will these documents provide our "Duty of Care" requirements?
There is no such thing! This suite will help you document and deliver a safe work environment and work towards compliance. Part of the 'safe work systems' requirement is that you are demonstrating your management of a safe work environment, which is the essence of your duty of care obligations but no one product or document can ever do that.
Can I share them? 
The purchase is for a "business license", meaning that you can use all the documentation for your business and share between departments/managers as needed. You can't share outside of your own company or resell them to others though. 
Do I need to modify/edit the documents? 
Yes. The documents are comprehensive and detailed but require context and branding for your own business, along with sign off and acknowledge by managers and employees in order to be effective.  
Why do I need these documents?
Two reasons. Firstly, if you work with larger companies or multinationals, you will need to demonstrate your work health and safety systems and standards as part of your tender process. These documents help you quickly and consistently demonstrate those practices and your "safe work system". Secondly, if you're in business, you have an obligation to provide safe work environments for your employees, even when they are travelling or mobile. The travel safety management suite helps you do that. 
What is the difference between travel safety and travel security? 
Travel safety is based on the national and international safety laws that govern the provision of a "safe work environment" for employees. These laws are very well developed, prescriptive and have clear, formulaic processes for the identification of hazards and mitigation of risk. This is the process we use. Travel security on the other hand, does not have such clear and universal standards, and is more the 'professional opinion' of any one person or provider. Most importantly, it usually lacks any consistent processes, compliance with the law and specific focus on work processes. 
What are the benefits of this system? 
You can save thousands of dollars in consulting fees and development of the documents from scratch. Your business can access and utilise these documents and have an advanced, systematic work health and safety system in no time at all, rather than taking months to try and create them yourself. 
Are the documents useful for my business? 
We use them ourselves! In order to manage and support our own work health and safety systems, these are the very topics, documents and systems we utilise ourselves. 
Without A System....Which One Are You?
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